Emma Lutz is a designer and photographer born in 2001 in Metz (Eastern France). Gratuated from École Boulle in 2022, she is currently a design master student at ENSCI - Les Ateliers.
Also laureat of national French Ministry of Culture open call “Mondes Nouveaux”, she collaborated with Internation Center of Glass Art (CIAV, Meisenthal) and glass artist during the year 2022.
From February to July 2023, she was design resident of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan).

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September 2023 to February 2024
École Boulle x Yunlin Tech
10 days duration workshop

Teacher assistant and logistic support

Curation and organization by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou), Yunlin Tech and École Boulle
From September 2023 to February 2024, French students from École Boulle and Taiwanese students from Yunlin tech worked together on a project about new bamboo and Tong-Cao applications. This project goal was to mix Taiwanese and French design visions to impel new ways to use these material in the taiwanese environment
6 projects were born from this workshop : 

Guanxin Tools  關心 用品
By Amandine QUILLARD, Chloé MADIES, Charlotte NAUDEIX, David 吳明賢, Evon 王翊庭

Hai tang deng 海棠燈
By Morgane MORIN, Domitien JEROME-TESI, Li-Yu 李宇振, ChanWei 連展蔚

By Maëline MAILLARD, Elena GIRAUD, James 詹傑安, I Ting, Lee 李宜庭, YuChen Wang 王昱臻

Night market set — 夜市
By Vincent DESTOUCHES, Juliette GUYOT-CHAILLOU, Yung-Hsuan 羅詠萱, Feng, Ching-Che 馮靖喆, Kuo Yu-Pei 郭宇珮

The duals 暗面
By Léna PLOQUIN, Hector FERGON, Sophie FRECHET, Shu Wei 游舒煒, Fleming 謝愈明

Yǐngzi 影子
By Emma DOUCET, Antonin MATHÉ, Roz Lin 林侃盈, Jia-en Guo 郭嘉恩, Phoebe 陳妃筠