Emma Lutz is a designer and photographer born in 2001 in Metz (Eastern France). Gratuated from École Boulle in 2022, she is currently a design master student at ENSCI - Les Ateliers.
Also laureat of national French Ministry of Culture open call “Mondes Nouveaux”, she collaborated with Internation Center of Glass Art (CIAV, Meisenthal) and glass artist during the year 2022.
From February to July 2023, she was design resident of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan).

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March and April 2021
École Boulle (Paris, FR)

This project starts by the exploration of a swamp of Moselle region (East of France) from March to April 2021. This was just near the place I grew up. Simple observation leaves rooms to a need to understand this new ecosystem that I just discovered.
Above all, what intrested me the most was the presence of small amphibians into the water of the swamp. I decided to lead my research on the rôle of these little animals into this ecosystem. I met several amphibians specialist as well as amphibian photographers in order to better understand their behavior. From this nocturnal and daily research were born different series of photographies and sensitive maps that keeps the information of this research.