Emma Lutz is a designer and photographer born in 2001 in Metz (Eastern France). Gratuated from École Boulle in 2022, she is currently a design master student at ENSCI - Les Ateliers.
Also laureat of national French Ministry of Culture open call “Mondes Nouveaux”, she collaborated with Internation Center of Glass Art (CIAV, Meisenthal) and glass artist during the year 2022.
From February to July 2023, she was design resident of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan).

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September 2021 to June 2022
Diploma project at École Boulle (Paris, FR)
Laureat project of French Ministry of Culture open call “Mondes Nouveaux”

Project presented in Fondation Pernod Ricard (Paris, France) on Sep 26th 2022 during exhibition L’appel de la forêt

This project questions the history of the glass and cristal know-how of the Lorraine region from East of France known in the region since Antiquity.
Born from the surveying of Northern Vosges landscapes and the experience of glass know-how with in the workshops of CIAV Meisenthal, Imprimer la terre attempts to retrace the history of a local form of archeology through three collections of pieces :

Les Oubliés is a series of glass objects blown again from old pieces of glass found in the forests around the villages from Lorraine, vestiges from the region's old glass factories buried in the earth. Thus, what is considered as waste becomes heritage in its own right.
Les Terriers were blown into the earth of the Northern Vosges and mark the imprint of geographical fragments of the territory by imprinting the geological reliefs of the region.
Finally, les Noyaux brings back the ancient and forgotten technique of core-moulded glass. Ancestor of glass blowing, core-moulded glass objects are made from a core made out of soil. Les Noyaux were born from Northern Vosges soil and set up a dialogue between the territory, craft and design.