Emma Lutz is a designer and photographer born in 2001 in Metz (Eastern France). Gratuated from École Boulle in 2022, she is currently a design master student at ENSCI - Les Ateliers.
Also laureat of national French Ministry of Culture open call “Mondes Nouveaux”, she collaborated with Internation Center of Glass Art (CIAV, Meisenthal) and glass artist during the year 2022.
From February to July 2023, she was design resident of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan).

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April - July 2023
NTCRI (Nantou, TW)
Research on nomadic practices and bamboo in Taiwan

Project showed during the exhibition “Nomadic Practices” in Taiwan Craft Museum (Nantou)

This research project beguins at Daguan bus stop inCaotun. I was fascinated by all the pieces of furniture that people use everyday to wait the bus at Daguan. Those pieces of furniture are nomadic, light and move along the people behavior. Everyday, Daguan road changes...

This is when I decided to work on bamboo light and nomadic pieces of furniture. Bent bamboo is used as an elegant and very lightmaterial to create modules that people can assemble with ironsmith. Indeed, within a radius of 1km around Daguan, I recoveredmany screws, bolts, hose clamps... I created connecting systems thanks to these streets elements.

From this research, I created light, removable, repairable and modular furniture made out of bent bamboo and connected thanks of nomadic systems imagined and observed during my trip in Taiwan

Each piece represents a key location during my residency :
Zhishan District (Taipei)
Daguan bus stop (Caotun) 
Yuguang Island (Tainan)