Emma Lutz is a designer and photographer born in 2001 in Metz (East of France). Gratuated from École Boulle in 2022, Emma Lutz is currently a design master student at ENSCI - Les Ateliers.
Also laureat of national French Ministry of Culture open call “Mondes Nouveaux”, she collaborated with Internation Center of Glass Art (CIAV, Meisenthal) and glass artist during the year 2022.
From February to July 2023, she was design resident of National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan).

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March 15th 2001
75012 PARIS


Residency & training around Taiwanese know-how
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut, Taiwan

Since 2022
Design and Industrial Creation (master)
École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI - Les Ateliers), Paris

2019 - 2022
Dnmade diploma Object and Social Innovation (bachelor) 
Gratuated with honour
ESAA Boulle, Paris

Baccalaureate diploma, applied arts series (STD2A) Gratuated with highest honour
Lycée de la Communication, Metz

2006 - 2016
Piano, accordion and guitar instrumental practice
First cycle of piano certificate - with highest honour and jury’s congratulations Piano BEM (music skills certificate after 8 years of study)
Regional Conservatory, Metz


September 2023 - February 2024
Invited designer & teacher assisant as part of NTCRI X École Boulle workshop “Bamboo/Lotus grass”
École Boulle (Paris) / National Yunlin University of Sciences and Technology (Douliu, Taiwan)
International collaboration between France and Taiwan

May 2023
Workshop - RE:Fish International Workshop
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan)
One week project on fish scale bio material 3D printing
International collaboration with Italy, Taiwan, France and Japan

March 2023
Scenography - 2023 Taiwan Bamboo Festival
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan) 

March 2023
Conference - Relationship between design, crafts and landscapes
National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan)

February - July 2023
Residency - National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institut (Nantou, Taiwan)

2021 - 2022
Laureate of French Ministry of Culture project call ‘‘Mondes Nouveaux’’
Residency - International Center of Glass Art (Meisenthal, France)
Objects production in glass workshops and partnership with the glassblowers

Since 2019
Volunteer for Laurette Fugain association - fight against leukemia
Canvassing, awareness-raising, partnership set up with Ensaama for a design project of a ‘‘Joëlette’’ (all-terrain single-wheel wheelchair designed for sports uses)

November 2021
Conference - About design process for 3D printing workshop with student at NTCRI (Taiwan)

Internship (3 months) - Marine Dominiczak Studio
Metal and jewlery work (silver, copper, bronze and brass)

Project in partnership with the City of Paris - Universal sports luggage project
Functional prototypes development, sewing machine use, functionnal expertise with Paralympic athletes
Project presentation at the Paris City Hall in front of the members of Paris City and the 2024 French Olympic Committee

Project in partnership with Chanel Cosmétique - Workshop (winning project)
Objet creation from recovered cardboard tubes used for the Camellias cultivation in the Chanel farm in Gaujacq (south-western France)
Development of a sound installation from cardboard tubes and acoustic properties expertise. Team work and coordination. Functional prototype development and skills pooling on a common project within a short timeframe

Internship - Weber + Keiling architectural firm, Strasbourg Construction sites and site meetings visits.
Particular housing project plans development (Rhinoceros)


October 2023
Daguan project as part of 2024 World Bamboo Congress in Taiwan

September 2023
Part of Taiwan Craft and Design “Evolving Life” Exhibition 

July 2023
Exhibition Nomadic Practices
Taiwan Craft Museum (Nantou, Taiwan)
Project Daguan presentation as part of six months residency at NTCRI

June 2023
6 designer pour un monde nouveau
Magazine l’Oeil #765
Project Imprimer la terre along with Isabelle Daëron, Samy Rio, les Ateliers Grappin, Frédéric Bonin, David Bihanic

April to October 2023
Sortir du moule
Centre International d’Art Verrier (Meisenthal, France)
Project Imprimer la terre about glass heritage supported by Mondes Nouveaux

April 2023
Mondes Nouveaux X Beaux-Arts de Paris
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Paris, France)
With project Imprimer la terre

April 2023
Salva Dystopia
Galerie de la Passerelle (Paris, France)
Research project about design and the importance of language in dystopic world

March 2023
Weaving Bamboo
Craft Design Hall (Nantou, Taiwan)
Project in collaboration with textile designer Victoire Lesthevenon

March 2023
Gestuelles Industrielles
ENSCI Bis (Paris, France)
With project Paper Plane Maker XT633Pro

September 2022
L’Appel de la Forêt
Fondation Pernod Ricard (Paris, France)
Project Imprimer la terre as part of French Ministry of Culture project call ‘‘Mondes Nouveaux’’

July 2022
Graduation exhibition
École Boulle (Paris, France)
With project Imprimer la terre